About Virtual Class

With the advancements in technology and the availability of uninterrupted internet services, traditional classroom/ training has been digitally replicated and is called Virtual Classroom. This enables the participants to simultaneously interact, engage and share the online space with the domain expert or tutor despite being several miles apart. Especially in the recent context i.e. the global pandemic has forced us to rethink and revamp the way we impart knowledge to the learners. 


  •  Real-time teaching and learning: 

Virtual classrooms allow interaction between the learners and the instructors simultaneously just as it would be in a traditional classroom. The only difference is the exchange of information takes place over an online space. 

  • Cost-effective: 

Cost is one of the deciding factors. In virtual classrooms, independent learners or organizations do not have to disburse large sums of money on travelling to the designated centers or arranging a center to hold the trainings. Further, organizations abstain themselves from paying a huge amount of money on arranging for experts coming from other cities or countries.

  •   Enables distant learning: 

Virtual classrooms eliminate the distance barrier. The learners and teachers enjoy the freedom of learning from anywhere. This enables learners to learn from various experts around the world and being in the comforts of their own space and time.

  • Knowledge retention:

Knowledge communicated through interesting visuals have a higher chance of being retained than knowledge that is conveyed orally. The short interactive modules delivered through 2D/3D videos are effective, engaging, enjoyable and manageable making the content memorable.  

  • Accessible anytime so one can revisit the concepts:

In a traditional classroom, due to the limitation of time or other similar factors a learner may not have been able to note down or understand few important and critical concepts. Here, in virtual classroom, s/he has the flexibility of revisiting the content and easily breakdown any complex and important points.