Agriculture & Food Safety

Available Courses

Quality Aspect Related To Food Processing

The course covers all the essential components of quality aspect related to Food Processing. These include fundamentals of primary processing, Packaging, Storage & Transportation, Identification & Traceability, Personnel & Equipment, Risk Assessments, and Training. The participants will gain knowledge on the Do and Don’ts in Packaging, Storage & Transportation, Ensuring Identification and Traceability of raw materials etc.

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General Hygienic & Sanitary Practices

This course is designed to explain the requirements for the general hygiene and sanitary practices in India. It explores various aspects of food safety and sanitary practices in India, Mantra of safer food and better business and General requirements on hygienic and sanitary practices

The course covers 6 modules including Introduction to Food Hygiene and Safety, Food Operations and Control and Personal Hygiene.

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Good Agriculture Practice (GAP)

Agriculture is the mainstay of country’s economy Agriculture engages a large majority of small and marginal farming households and retains its centrality in terms of employment and rural economies.

In this course learners will be able to know that how Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) will ensure the benefits like appropriate adoption and monitoring of GAP help to improve the safety and quality of food and other agricultural products, adoption of GAP helps to promote sustainable agriculture and contributes to meet national and international environment and social development objectives, etc. 

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Ensuring Safety & Quality In Agriculture

The course covers topics ranging from food safety and produce safety, Various ways to maintain quality and safety in agriculture sector, Importance of workers’ safety to equipping the participants with A set of essential terminologies in the agriculture sector

Ensuring quality and safety in agriculture would be able to increase farm income and productivity, boost food production and also enhance food safety assurance.

The participation certificate will help the learners to understand quality and safety in agriculture.

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Quality Aspects In Crop Production & Management

Crop production and management deals with growing crops and managing them efficiently. The entire process is interdisciplinary and requires host preparation plus alertness from all stakeholders.

This course covers a variety of topics like selecting a suitable site for farming, managing and preparing soil, fertilizers and manures, process of harvesting and various essential terminologies of agriculture.

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