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Preparing Schools for Accreditation with Certification

Preparing Schools for Accreditation (PSA) is a program designed by National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET), QCI, for schools and other stakeholders in primary and secondary education to demonstrate research based best practices in Input, Process and Outcome aspects of quality in school education in India and abroad.

The course material of this program includes the best practices in three broad domains of school education viz. School Governance, Education & Support Process and Performance Measurement & Improvement.

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Become a Smart Teacher

The course, through it’s theoretical and practical tools, will help teachers in inculcating critical thinking from the teaching process to the assessment. The course is designed as a toolkit which teachers can use at their own pace and is designed in 5 modules viz. Module-1: “Constructivist Approach-Part-I”,“Module-2: Constructivist Approach-Part-II”, Module-3: “Questioning Skills”, Module-4: “Accommodating learning needs of different learning styles in real classroom setting”, Module-5: “Solidifying Concept learning by Concept Attainment Model (CAM)” which shed a light on multidisciplinary learning activities. As per the requirements on QCI NABET’s standard for Quality School Governance that provides a framework for effective management and delivery of holistic education, this course will provide an opportunity to gain new skills and refresh the existing skill-sets in line with the requirement in industry.

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Health & Safety Issues in Schools

A school is a site of learning, and a place where children spend most of their time learning, making it imperative that quality education is imparted irrespective of identities. But with education comes the importance of health and safety in an educational institution. With the increase in incidents and loopholes jeopardising safety, issues around health and safety have become a cause of great concern for parents. This is where our course on Health and Safety Issues In School comes in handy.

The course covers topics such as “Major safety concerns in school”, “Proper training of teachers for preventing any mis happenings”, “Quick effective management techniques” etc. through which participants shall learn the various safety concerns that need attention such as infrastructure, transportation management, fire safety etc., and learn how to prepare, revise and review emergency plans, how to create an accident report and plan in the event of emergency or accident, how to create an effective safety statement and so on.

The certification will help in improving staff awareness on safety, reduce accidents by eliminating school environmental hazards, increase productivity, improve communication, collaboration and information flow in school and better the reputation of a school

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