1. Quality Management System:

In simple terms, Quality Management System is the process of management of the systems of the organisation with regards to its quality related activities for meeting and enhancing customer satisfaction and taking care of all other interested parties such as statutory, regulatory and shareholders.

Quality Management System standards should not be confused with product and service standards. While such standards give explicit requirements as to the specific products and services that should conform to Quality Management System, standards and particularly ISO 9001 specify requirements for good management practices in order to achieve quality, without referencing any particular type of product or service.

TCB’s training program will assist the organization that wishes to implement an effective Quality Management System. After attending the course, participants will be capable of analyzing the requirements of the standard applicable to their organization and whether they are being met. If not, they will learn how to proceed further to meet those requirements.

2. Environment Management System (EMS):

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) can help an organization in improving their environmental performance, minimize risks and reduce business overheads.

EMS itself does not dictate a level of environmental performance that must be achieved but each organization’s EMS is tailored to its individual objectives and targets.

ISO 14000 is a family of standards related to environmental management. ISO 14001 represents the core of the standards used by the organisation for designing and implementing an effective EMS.

3. Energy Management System (EnMS):

Energy Management System focuses on managing the energy usage of organizations to achieve operating cost and to continually improve energy efficiency.

EnMS is becoming an effective way of saving energy by the government and private organisations to reduce energy usage and to utilize effectively, in turn, reducing the cost.

ISO 50001 standard is designed to support organisations in all sectors providing a practical way to improve energy use through the development of EnMS