National Policy Framework

The National Program/Project Management Policy Framework aims towards improving efficiency in the way infrastructure projects are being currently planned and executed in India.

Addressing the nation on the 73rd Independence Day, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India laid out the vision of building a $5 trillion economy and investing Rs. 100 lakh crores on Infrastructure in India. To achieve this vision, the Hon’ble Finance Minister, on December 31, 2019, released the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) for 2020-2025.In pursuit of this goal and to reduce time and cost overruns of infrastructure projects in India, the National Task Force on Project Management constituted under the aegis of NITI Aayog recognized the urgent need for standardizing Program/Project Management in India and introducing a common language of Program/Project Management across the government and industry. Therefore, the National Program/Project Management Policy Framework aims to build up Program Management Capability in India and ultimately set up the National Institute for Chartered Program/Project Professionals, that would guide the profession and certify Program/Project Managers and raise India’s ability to deliver on its large Projects and Program.

Conceptualizing Program and Project Management in India 

A centralized NICPP charter shall be developed for professionals working on/handling large infrastructure PPP and public projects.  NICPP shall house an Indian system of Program/Project Management based on levels of certification:

There shall be an increasing focus on Program Management in successive levels. These certified professionals shall be embedded based on their level of certification in the Government, Public Sector Units, private firms, Project Management Consultancies, banks and rating agencies to drive efficiency in Indian programs/projects.

Indian Infrastructure Body of Knowledge (InBoK)

The certification and the practice of the profession requires a standard/ guide for its execution that makes InBoK the next and one of the most crucial pillars for operationalizing the task. 

The InBoK shall be a guide for program/ project professionals and the trainers/ program and project management institutes as the ultimate Indian Standard for the profession and its practice. It encompasses all the phases of a program/ project and acts as a guide every step of the way.