National Task Force

National Task Force

A Task Force was created under the Chairmanship of CEO, NITI Aayog with the objective of a focused result-oriented approach and effective delivery of projects within time and budget for Central/ State Government and Public-Sector Enterprises (PSEs).

The recommendations of this Task Force were released in May 2019, advocating the adoption of best practices in Program/Project Management.

  The Mandate of the Task Force 

  • To analyse the performance of Public Sector/PPP Projects during the last decade and take stock of the present situation of Public-Sector/PPP projects
  • To draw conclusions from the Performance Analysis with a special focus on identifying the problems faced by the public sector/PPP projects and factors that impede their performance
  • To lay down a plan of action suggesting short-term, medium-term and long-term strategies for improving project management practices in the public sector/PPP commensurate with the best international practices
  • To ensure that appropriate systems, tools & techniques, processes and controls are in place at departmental and government levels for managing projects; minimizing risk, limiting project duplication, encouraging stakeholder consultation, integrating decision-making across agencies and monitoring/evaluation of output-outcomes

Call for Action

The Task Force recognized the urgent need for standardizing Program/Project Management in India and introducing a common language of Program/Project Management across the government and industry.

The vision laid out in the Task Force seeks to embed the practice and benefits of Program and Project Management across all stakeholders involved in the life-cycle of infrastructure projects: 

Report of the Task-Force on Project/Program Management