Register For Examination

The cornerstone of NICPP certification is a rigorous and trusted examination system. The exam shall be based on InBoK with an increasing level of difficulty for each level of certification. The mode and type of exam may differ for each level. The examination shall test conceptual soundness as well as the ability to apply concepts to real-life situations and problems.

Since the expectations from a PM change with career progression, the NICPP exam will conduct different exams for each level. The following entails the journey of a candidate to register for the examination level as determined appropriate by the eligibility criteria and obtain a date for the test:

  • Candidate Login: Prospective candidates are required to register with their personal details
  • Candidate Eligibility:  Based on the details provided by the candidates, their eligibility shall be calculated. All various elements of eligibility will be converted into equivalent credits and the overall eligibility will require a minimum number of credits to be accumulated through education, training and relevant work experience.
  • Exam Scheduling & Fee Payment: Candidates shall schedule for the exam date after clearing eligibility criteria and pay the examination fees.

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