Role Of QCI

Based on the Task-Force report, May 2019, QCI had been tasked to collaborate with NITI Aayog to facilitate the deliberations of the Steering and Technical Committees, compile inputs of these committees to develop guidelines and regulations, and create the ecosystem for certification/licensing of Program/Project Management professionals.

In furtherance, QCI was appointed as the interim Nodal agency to create a process of certification for Program/Project Management professionals on a fast track basis, till such time the legislative framework for establishing the Nodal Agency, NICPP is formalized. Post the establishment of the institute through Act of Parliament, QCI shall transfer all the functions of the Steering Committee, Technical Committee and QCI in full to the institute.

Role of QCI in the process

  • QCI is to provide the secretariat and the operational arms for the Steering and Technical Committee and put in place the appropriate full-time resources
  • QCI is to facilitate the development of a draft policy framework (NPMPF) developed by the Technical Committee