Technical Committee

The Technical Committee, composed of senior technical experts from the industry and academia provide technical expertise and resources to the initiative. The committee also incorporates experts from the banking sector, academia and nominations of government officials from relevant ministries and departments.

The Technical Committee, in consultation of a wide array of experts and with the help of QCI, are responsible for key activities including-

  • Developing the framework of training and recognition of Program/Project Managers in India
  • Developing the Indian Infrastructure Program/Project Management Body of Knowledge (InBoK) as the basis of training, certification and recertification
  • Developing the guidelines for pedagogy, examination as well as continued professional education
  • Developing and starting capacity development initiatives around Program/Project Management in India, including awareness programs and capsule workshops

  • Providing recommendations for the development of Program/Project Management ecosystem in India across various stakeholders

The composition of the Technical Committee is:



Adil Zainulbhai (Chairman, Quality of India) - Chairperson, Technical Committee

S.K. Saha (Adviser, PAMD, NITI Aayog)

D Sarangi (Director, Indian Academy of Highway Engineers)

Deepak Datta (President & Head, Reliance Project Management Group)

Hariharan Subramanyan (General Manager, TATA Projects)

Hari Mohan Gupta (Executive Director (Works), Railway Board)

Harshal Mhavarkar (Vice-President (Structuring), State Bank of India)

Jagdish Salgaonkar (Sr. Vice-President, AECOM & Program Director)

K.N. Satyanarayana (Director, IIT Tirupati)

R.K. Sabbharwal (Director (Commercial), Engineers India Ltd.)

R.P. Singh (Secretary General, Quality Council of India)

Rajesh Maheshwari (CEO, NABCB, Quality Council of India)

Ravichandran Chandrasekharan (VP & SBU Head-Urban Built Form, TATA Projects)

V.T. Chandra Sekhar Rao (Dean, L&T Institute of Project Management)

Vinod Singh (Director-Asia & India, Jacobs (Singapore))

S.K. Roy (Retd. Director (Projects), NTPC) - Special Invitee

Representatives from PMI, I2P2M and IPMA - Special Invitees