Virtual Training / Webinar

Virtual Training / Webinar

In this technological era where everyone seems to be inclined towards a new invention and technological advanced gadgets, the challenge would be to transmit the information where people engage themselves in a way that they desire. The expectation out of a training program is sometimes enormous since there are lot to offer and choose from. So, the question arises should we provide information graphics , handbooks or a classroom based training? Looking at the current scenario probably a video based training is by far the most possible way of engaging learners.


  • Video based training gives you more control over your time: 

It’s also important to note that video based training generally allow learners to split the time they are investing in the course in whichever way works for them. They don’t need to be able to dedicate large chunks of time to the course: it’ll work just as well if they can set aside half an hour from their lunch break each day. 

  •   A cost effective way of learning  

Undoubtedly, the cost is a big factor affecting employers as well as an independent learner. In view of this, a video based training program is more appealing and cost effective as it costs way lesser than other forms of training. For an example a company having thousands of staff and multiple locations seeks an advanced way of training where without incurring extra cost they can provide training to their employees situated in multiple locations. A video based training is an onetime cost for a company and moreover they can use it again and again based on their requirements. Similarly an independent learner can purchase it and use it multiple times anytime anywhere. 

  • Virtual Trainings are engaging and visually advanced

 If we compare other forms of training the Video based trainings are more engaging. On a daily basis we come across a lot of documents and paper works and then, when given more documents to read from ,one would not be very keen and motivated. Thus, it is more enjoyable and motivated in a video form. Besides, transmitting knowledge through virtual trainings is a better way as well.

  •   Accessible anytime so you can revisit and cement your concepts 

 Sometimes in other forms of trainings ,due to the time factor and limitations a learner could not note down some of very important and critical part of the training. But with the luxury of reading and revisiting the content in Video based training one could easily breakdown any complex and important points. It is in fact, a great tool to use to make processes and concepts easier to remember.