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About Us

An independent cell under the Quality Council of India designated "Training and Capacity Building (TCB)" has been established in order to coordinate training, awareness workshops, and capacity building activities at the national and international levels and to further coordinate such activities centrally in a structured way. TCB has been working with global organisations and aims to share best practices and expertise through trainings and other initiatives in order to help nations around the world build up their capacity.

Quality Management, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Environment, Food Safety, Education, Project Management, etc. are just a few of the disciplines that TCB serves. Through an array of approaches to delivery, comprising webinars, eLearning, virtual trainings, and classroom instruction, TCB offers training on an extensive selection of subjects. In addition, TCB offers bespoken training sessions in the client's preferred location, taking into account the particular needs of the customer. In order to expand its reach, TCB continues to work with the government, regulators, academic institutions, and industrial associations, offering them frequent and specially designed training programmes.

Our Mission

“To contribute to the society through the pursuit of training, education, learning and garnering awareness to the highest international levels of excellence.”

Our Vision

The goal of the TCB is to strengthen society by pursuing the finest attainable training, education, and awareness initiatives at the highest levels possible on a global scale.

The ultimate objective of TCB is to reach as broad an audience as possible by providing training and awareness in a variety of disciplines of work while using current standards of excellence and contributing to the improvement of the quality infrastructure within India and other economies.

Our vision extends beyond conventional training paradigms; we aim to cultivate a global community of skilled professionals who are not only equipped to meet current industry demands but also poised to lead transformative change. By means of tactical alliances and innovative learning programmes, we enable people to lead the way in novel techniques, promote environmentally friendly methods, and mould the future of their industries. Our dedication to diversity, inclusivity, and progressive thinking guarantees that our programmes continue to lead the industry in terms of excellence and impact globally.

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