Quality Control and Assurance

The TCB offers a diverse range of training programs within the Quality Control and Assurance domain, catering to professionals in various capacities and industries. Some of the programs are:

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) in Healthcare – In this training participants will learn how continuous quality improvement is part of a hospital’s culture, how it benefits a healthcare organization, and about one of the most popular methods of implementing CQI. After completion of the continuous quality improvement course, one should be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively participate as a contributing member or leader of a CQI effort, able to demonstrate an appreciation for the need to improve quality in an organization and the contribution that CQI methodology can make to the organization system and its patients.

7 QC Tools & Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)- This training is focused on quality tools to ensure quality improvement through problem-solving, introduced by Kaoru Ishikawa, the seven basic tools of quality also known as 7 QC tools are very effective in quality management and quality assurance process. So, businesses who want to ensure the competitive and excellent quality of their products and services can utilize the proven 7QC tools for structuring a strategic plan for quality improvement. The tools in this training course also help in analysing and identifying the root problem during the production process and enhance customer experience and satisfaction with the product.

Introduction To Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)- The primary goal of product quality planning is to facilitate communication and collaboration between engineering activities. APQP ensures the Voice of the Customer (VOC) is clearly understood, and translated into requirements, technical specifications, and special characteristics. The product or process benefits are designed through prevention. APQP supports the early identification of change, both intentional and incidental. These changes can result in exciting innovation supporting customer delight. When not managed well they translate to failure and customer dissatisfaction. The focus of APQP is the utilization of tools and methods for mitigating the risks associated with change in the new product or process.

Are you a quality professional ?

Do you want to learn how to ensure Quality ?

Do you want to enhance your skill and knowledge in QA/ QC ?

Are you a professional involved in product development ?

If you answered yes To any of these questions, then you need to enroll in the course of quality assurance and quality control training program offered by the TCB. These programs are designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in various aspects of quality assurance and quality control.


Any professional from Quality Control and Quality Assurance.


You can choose between on-site and online options, depending on your preference.


To comply with international standards, ensure quality and safety, improve your skills, and make a enhancing your career prospects and professional growth.


Continuous improvement in quality, problem solving ability with QC tools and improved quality performance.

By joining these programs, you will benefit from:

  • Improved Quality Performance
  • Learning from experts and trainers with extensive experience and knowledge in the field
  • Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the topic and requirements
  • Enhancing your career prospects and professional growth
  • Training in continuous quality improvement and 7 QC tools equips participants with valuable problem-solving skills

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